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Let us help you organise some fabulous time away with your loved ones. First things first - how many of you are there and where would you like to go? 

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In order to make your experience with us as relaxing as possible, we offer you Champneys Time, no matter how long you have, we can offer you and your group ultimate relaxation.

To make sure your group are as happy as can be, we will add your selected Champneys time package to everyone's day - if you would like to customize your experience even further, you can just book the days and get in touch via email or phone.
Champneys Time

1 hour champneys time for 3

Includes Head in the Clouds Massage and Full Body Exfoliation.
Champneys Time

2 Hour Champneys time for 6

Includes our signature Champneys Massage and Champneys Relaxing Facial. You’ll also get a Champneys Body Wrap for top-to-toe bliss.
Champneys Time

3 Hour Champneys time for 6

Includes extended treatments, Champneys Citrus Blush Ritual Massage, a Champneys Facial and either a luxury manicure or pedicure.

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Your group booking includes:
Day Guests £1194
3 Hours champneys time for 6 remove £250